Prosper202 Pre-Pop Data Workaround

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Since this post has actually made it up on as an example, plenty of people I’m sure have questions. If you need help throw me a message on AIM @ YRM (yes 3 chars)

Figures the first campaign I try to setup has prepop data I can’t pass to my offer anymore and strangely (then again everything seems strange when it comes to marketing) without doing the prepop data my campaign bombs. After being frustrated for a little bit it came to me, it’s pretty easy to build a pre-pop workaround in PHP. Here’s how I did it, it’s a little ugly so bare with me. In my example I needed to prepop a zipcode. I would try to write steps out for non-php coders to set this up but frankly I don’t even know where to begin.

I have 2 files that look like so in the same directory as my landing page:

File: begin.php

File: finish.php

Now 4 steps…
1) within prosper202, if you go to your campaign link, make the campaign link: “”.

2) generate the landing page code like you normally would and take the landing page link code and use that to replace “″ in begin.php.

3) on your landing page, make the submission go to “”.

4) replace “http://myaffilliatelink/click/?s=1&c=1&subid=$subid&zip=$zip” with your affiliate network link url and replace the appropriate variables accordingly so it works for you.

You’re done!



  1. P202 fan says:

    Very nice. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  2. P202 fan says:

    Actually, one question…

    So you never add the javascript code to the landing page itself? You just take the link that’s generated in p202 from the javascript and insert it into begin.php?

    Makes sense, just double checking..

  3. admin says:

    ya I think wes changed to javascript tracking versus making you go directly through the p202 redirect link. I don’t know why he did this for prosper202 although I think it has something to do with the way he coded tracking202 pro to do that. Anyway, the link within the javascript itself should be fine. I honestly haven’t ran p202 in awhile, but from a t202 standpoint you’re correct :)

  4. P202 fan says:

    I’m using the most recent version of P202

    In my begin.php, when the redirect to occurs, I get a javacript function the redirection never completed through to the finish.php

    Any ideas?

  5. Greg says:

    Thanks for this info!

    Question: Is there a way to make this work for direct linking?

  6. KR says:

    What’s the finish.php file for? The begin.php doesn’t point to it.

  7. KR says:

    nevermind, I’m part retarded today

  8. K R says:

    I got finish.php to work, but I can’t get the begin.php file to work.
    It just loads a blank page.
    I changed “zipcode” and “zip” to “from” because I am trying to prepop the email address from an aweber form. I also placed the appropriate link from P202 into the “$tracking202outbound = ” field. The link works outside of the PHP script. I tried it without changing zip and zipcode, but get the same result. What am I missing?

  9. K R says:

    Here’s the code, if it’ll help. (I changed the root URL for the P202 domain)

  10. K R says:

    setcookie(”from”, $_GET['from']);

    if (isset($_COOKIE['tracking202outbound'])) {
    $tracking202outbound = $_COOKIE['tracking202outbound'];
    } else {
    $tracking202outbound = “″;

    header(’location: ‘.$tracking202outbound);

  11. Bill Evans says:

    Great code! the redirect to the page works but no banana…it won’t prepopulate the field for me.
    Is it because I changed all the zip variables to “from” for aweber email? Please help….somebody

  12. admin says:

    Hi Bill,
    I’d have to take a look at your code to see what you’re doing wrong.

  13. Fish says:

    Does anyone know a resolution to P202 Fan’s comment.


    I’m using the most recent version of P202

    In my begin.php, when the redirect to occurs, I get a javacript function the redirection never completed through to the finish.php

    Any ideas?

  14. Jim says:

    Thanks for the code, works great with Aweber once you change the value to what you need.

    for anyone having trouble with aweber and this code, make sure you change the zipcode value to from like KR did (do this in both files) and it should work as long as you set up your other values correctly.

  15. Mike says:

    This may be basic but how do you make a form on your landing page to pass the info to the begin.php?

    Do you have a simple landing page email submit form to look at for an example?

  16. Jack says:

    Justin thanks heaps for your help with the pre pop on AIM today. Appreciate you taking the time to help me out.



  17. Just to be perfectly clear, do you put the URL to your FINISH.PHP file in your step 3?

  18. Keith says:

    Like Mike above, I am also wondering how to pass the zip (or email) from a form on my landing page to the begin.php?

    Please help.


  19. Jamaal says:

    Hey Justin,Wes,or anyone who can help.
    just wondrring if you could give me some quick help…

    just need alittle guidance.

    Thanks for giving us this tool!
    Best, J

  20. Andrew says:

    This doesn’t track the click thru t202 – so how is it useful ?

  21. Jes says:


    I really need some help with this. I think I have done everything correctly, but yet, I am UNABLE to pass the zip.


    Free Itemp

    Free Item

    Congratulations! Your Zip Code: is Qualified! Please click the continue button below.

    <input type="hidden" name="zip" value="” />

    As you see, I am passing a hidden zip value (obtained from when the user enters their zip). This displays the correct zip on thankyou.php (as it was entered into the landing page). Form action is going to begin.php. But for some reason, I am ONLY being able to populate my affiliate link with a subid, whilst zip remains blank in my affiliate link.

    I am at my wits end with this… believe me, I have done my best to try to get this to work.

    Please help.

    - Jes

  22. Jes says:

    sorry, the html did not display in my previous post.

    in php
    $zip = $_POST["zip"];?>

    ” />

  23. Monty says:


    Do you know if it’s possible to pass sources to the affiliate network instead of dynamic number in each subid?

    It’s been bugging me for months now. I need to show advertisers what sources work and what don’t. But making 100 campaigns, lp’s etc… just for 100 sources seems nuts. I wonder if it’s possible to at least uncloak the data that’s passed to aff. network? like source_1_ad1 or smth?

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